Event 1: Ronnie Aparicio, 7th place – $5,350

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 75K/150K Ante 25K

Ronnie Aparicio could never get anything going at the final table and down to his last 475K he called off the last of his chips after Jeff Doan had moved all in for 1.325 million. Everyone else folded. Aparicio had Qc8C and was against the KSJC of Doan. The flop came KC8S6S and Aparicio stood up and said “nice hand”. The turn was the 3C and the table pointed out he wasn’t dead yet. The 5S on the river didn’t help him though and he was off to collect his nice $5,350 payday.


Event 1, 7th place - Ronnie Aparicio - $5,350
Event 1, 7th place – Ronnie Aparicio – $5,350