Event 1: Zeeger Keeps Us Hanging On

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 11: 600/1200/200 Ante

One of the more outgoing personalities in Flight 1D, Carolyn Zegeer has been hanging on by a thread for most of the evening.  She finally caught a break.

After a raise in Seat 9 to 3k, two players called and action then went to Zegeer.  Zeeger pushed her 6k in chips into the middle hoping to “quadruple up or go home”.  To the table’s surprise, the player in Seat 9 raised to 15k and got the other two players out of the hand.  The cards were flipped and the table was shocked.

Zegeer: 8s8c
Opponent: Th6h

With Zegeer way ahead, Zegeer flopped a spade flush draw and then hit the four-flush on the turn getting her up to 25k and over starting stack for the first time in hours. The table was then broken to muttering from the other two players who had folded to the 10-6 bluff.