Event 10: 26th place, Oscar Lindo – $1,798

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds 15K/30K Ante 3K

After Jonathan Gold was eliminated in 27th place, Oscar Lindo was on the unfortunate end of variance. Paul Berger limped and Lindo made it 75K to go. He was called by Andres Jara and Berger called as well. The flop came 4h4c3c and Berger led out for 125K. Lindo made it 300K to go and Jara folded. Berger moved all in and Lindo called with his last 300K. Berger showed 2h2c and was drawing thin as Lindo had JhJd. The turn was the Kc and the river, the inevitable and cruel 6c, meaning Berger’s 2c gave him a flush. “I didn’t think I was bluffing,” said Berger as he added Lindo’s stack into his.