Event 10: 31 Remain

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds 12K/24K Ante 3K

We are down to 31 players and Chris Lewis is the current chip leader with 2.2 million in chips. Dan Suied lost a good chunk of his stack recently when Debra Dorcy moved all in for her last 340K with KsQs and he called with AdJs. The board ran out Qc7d2d4s8c giving Dorcy the pot and leading her to say “It’s Ladies Day I guess.”

Over at Ralph Campbell’s table, Ralph and one of the other chip leaders Andres Jara tangled in a pot. Pre-flop Jara and one other player limped in and Campbell made it 75K to go. Only Jara called and we saw a Ah6d4s flop. Campbell bet 100K and Jara called. The turn was the 4c and Campbell led out for 300K this time. Jara took his time contemplating what to do, at one point lifting his cards up off of the table and looking at them. Ralph peeked at his after that act from Jara and eventually pulled out his sunglasses after Jara continued to study him. Andres counted out a call and looked at what his remaining stack would be and decided in the end to lay it down.