Event 10 Day 1B: Moving Time

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds: 250/500/50 ante

Players continued a regular parade to the rail even after registration closed. There were 20 tables in action after the break and the field is already down to 150 after six hours of play. Our friend getting blinded out at Table 41 is gone but the seat may have a hex on it.

The seat was filled twice by players who lasted only a few hands, the first when AsAc was cracked by 8c6c and the second ran an ill-timed bluff against top set. A third player began playing from that seat but not before a stern warning from the rest of the table.

Jeff Kessler put all his chips at risk with As7s against Ac9s but survived with a lucky chopped pot while a player at Table 37 tried a similar trick but was mashed by a four-flush.

Table 13 in use for Day 1B
Table 13 in use downstairs for Day 1B