Event 10 Day 1D: All Accounted

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds: 150/300/25 ante

The official numbers are in and Day 1D drew an impressive crowd of 280 entrants to push the prizepool over $260,000 with one flight remaining tonight at 7pm. All players and alternates are now in their seats looking to make Day 2.

Tables are still going strong upstairs and down including a fine slowroll at Table 39. With the board reading KsJs5c2hTs, the 7-seat moved all-in and was instantly called by the 2-seat. The 7-seat confidently said “I have a flush,” while he tabled 8s7s before the 2-seat just rolled over AsQs and the table let the room know, loudly, that he hit the Royal.

Standing room only for alternates
Standing room only for alternates