Event 10: Down To Two Tables

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds 20K/40K Ante 5K

They are down to two tables as they are dropping quick. Len St. German took out Daniel Suied and Debra Dorcy on the same hand when his A-J rivered Debra’s pocket 4’s and Daniel’s 6’s on a KdQdQh5hAs board. Daniel finished in 22nd and Debra in 21st, both good for $1,798.

Next out was Yammel Bodes with A-T, again at the hands of St. German who held K-Q and flopped a Queen. Bodes finished in 20th place for $1,798.

And a few minutes later a short stacked James Scott moved all in with 8d7d and was up against a player’s JhTh that flopped a Jack to send Scott home in 19th place for $1,798.