Event 10: Federico Castaing Pulling Away

$250 Seniors No Limit Hold’em
Level:23: 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante
Players Remaining: 2/161
Average Stack: 805,000

Federico Castaing raised to 55,000 on the button and David Hixson defended his big blind. The flop was KdQd9c and both players checked to see the 2c fall on the turn.

Hixson checked and Castaing bet 35,000. Hixson called and the river was the 4s. Hixson checked and Castaing bet 111,000. Hixson called.

Castaing showed KcJs and won the pot against Hixson’s Qc6s. Castaing takes the pot and leaves Hixson very short.

Federico Castaing – 1,670,000
David Hixson – 140,000