Event 10 – Final Table Set

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds 30K/60K Ante 10K

We just lost two players on back to back hands and are now at a nine handed final table. On the first hand, a short stacked Allen Green called when Chris Lewis moved all in on a 9s7d5d flop. Green had Ah5c for bottom pair and Lewis had 9h8c for top pair and a gutshot straight draw. The turn was the Tc and the river was the 9c and Lewis exhaled as he took down the pot. “My heart dropped when he called,” Chris said. Allen Green finished in 11th place for $3,257.

The very next hand Sterling Savill was on the wrong end of a brutal blind versus blind cooler. The flop came 8h4h3h and the two players got it all in. Savill’s flush with his Qh7h was no good as his opponent had the Kh6h. “So stupid… so gross…” was all Savill could say as he headed to the cage to collect his $3,257 for finishing in 10th place.

We’re combining tables and will be back in a little.