Event 10: Michael Daud Wins in a Heads-Up Deal with Rene Herrera

$400 Pot Limit Omaha 8 (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 22:  8,000/16,000
Players Remaining:  1 of 102

Michael Daud
Michael Daud

Rene Herrera (670K) and Michael Daud (554K) got it all in preflop with fairly similar stacks, and turned over their cards.

Rene Herrera:  As10s7c2c
Michael Daud:  AdJh3s2h

The board came QhQs2sKcQc, with no possible lows. Both players played the three queens on the board, and Daud’s ace-jack outkicked Herrera’s ace-ten for Daud to win the pot and double up into a huge chip lead.

Michael Daud  –  1,108,000  (92 bb)
Rene Herrera  –  116,000  (10 bb)

At that point, the two players agreed to a heads-up deal, and as chipleader, Daud was declared the winner, receiving the trophy and the title.

Stay tuned for a recap, which will be posted later tonight.

Rene Herrera
Runner-Up Rene Herrera

1st:  Michael Daud  –  $9,015 + RRPO Trophy
2nd:  Rene Herrera  –  $7,175
3rd:  Craig Chait  –  $4,395
4th:  Robert Wachtel  –  $3,095
5th:  Erik Nomberg  –  $2,260
6th:  Gabriel Ramos  –  $1,720
7th:  John Creed  –  $1,360
8th:  Brenda Nelson  –  $1,125
9th:  Carlos Guerrero  –  $970
10th:  Michael Lee  –  $970
11th:  Zachary Milchman  –  $880
12th:  Claudangelo Beaudouin  –  $880
13th:  Natan Wager Vainer  –  $835