Event 10: New Leader

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds: 3k/6k/500

“Gambling baby!” was all Dan Suied could say after knocking out an opponent on Table 33. Suied raised from the small blind after action folded around and the 4-seat moved all-in over the top. Suied had him covered and called with the powerful 7s3c which were live against Ks8s. King-high was good on the flop but Suied hit the 3d turn and 7h river to send another home.

The rest of his table just laughed and shook their heads.

In the meantime, Andres Jara has quietly built his initial Day 2 stack of 146,600 to now sit with over 700,000. The local has been sitting at Table 39 since the start of play and picking off one short stack after another.

Andres Jara
Andres Jara