Event 11: 6th Place – Czinkota

$560 Buy-In Double Black Chip Bounty No Limit Hold’em Freeze-Out
Level 20: 4K/8K/1K ante

Zoltal Czinkota
Zoltan Czinkota

We have an all-in and a call and the cards are turned up as follows:

Zoltan Czinkota: 4hQc
Ilias Liapis: 2c2h

Czinkota is all-in for his tournament survival, but the board doesn’t help as it comes 2s5c5s5h7c and Liapis gets a full house (Fives full of Twos) to knock out Czinkota in 6th place. Czinkota takes home $1,830 for his efforts in today’s tournament.