Event 11: Brian Hastings Doubles Through Raffaello Locatelli

$1,650 Purple Chip Bounty (Single Re-Entry)
Level 21: 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 4 of 126

Raffaello Locatelli limped in under the gun, and Patrick Eskandar completed the small blind before Brian Hastings moved all in for 147,000 in the big blind. Locatelli called, Eskandar folded, and Hastings was heads-up and at risk.

Locatelli: KsJc
Hastings: AcTc

The board ran out 8h4s2s3s6c, and Hastings’ ace-high was good enough to earn him a double-up.

Brian Hastings – 306,000 (38 bb)
Raffaello Locatelli – 360,000 (45 bb)