Event 11: Rockets No Good

$560 Buy-In Double Black Chip Bounty No Limit Hold’em Freeze-Out
Level 11: 500/1K/100 ante

We have 27 players left in Event 11, and on one of the 3 tables we see Jonathan Marks (Weston, FL) re-raise after a 10 falls on the river. His opponent makes the call and Marks tables pocket 10s for a rivered set. His opponent turns over his AhAd in frustration, which was good until that final card was dealt.

Marks is currently the chip leader in Event 11 with around 225K (225bbs) to his stack. Some other notable stacks are Zoltan Czinkota (Davie, FL) with 150K and Mohamed Maghraoui (Tampa, FL) with 112K.

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Player of the Year point leader Angel Vu is also still in the hunt after her AhQc held up to eliminate her opponent who was holding Ac9c.

Jonathan Marks
Jonathan Marks