Event 8: Wolak Doubles While Affleck Drops

$560 Buy-In Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 16: 2k/4k/500 ante

Matt Affleck was the big man at Table 25 but it was 2011 WSOP Ladies Event champion picking up chips. She was standing on her feet because she was all-in along with the 6-seat and Affleck having them both covered. Affleck was ahead with JsJh against the AcKc of Wolak and the 6-seat’s 7s7d.

Affleck was in line for the double knock out and that didn’t change with the QdTc6h flop. Wolak added two gutshot outs then missed the 9s turn before spiking her game saving Ad on the river. She threw her hands in the air before stacking up a lot of chips.

The 6-seat was gone while Wolak moved up to 520,000 and Affleck was knocked short.

Marsha Wolak rivers Matt Affleck
Marsha Wolak rivers Matt Affleck