Event 11: We have a winner!

$560 Buy-In Double Black Chip Bounty No Limit Hold’em Freeze-Out
Level 22: 6K/12K/2K ante

Carlos Loving
1st place – Carlos Loving

Heads Up play began with Carlos Loving having an overwhelming chip lead over his opponent James Sutherland. Sutherland would not give up, however, and kept hanging on…surviving all-in after all-in. After quite a long heads-up battle, Loving shoves all-in and Sutherland makes the call to put his tournament life at risk once again.

Sutherland: Ah4d
Loving: 3sKh

Sutherland’s Ace-high lead pre-flop doesn’t last long when the board runs 2hKcQd4h8h and Loving flops a pair of Kings to seal Sutherland’s fate. Sutherland finishes in 2nd place, making $6,844 after a hard day’s work.

Our Event 11 champion is Carlos Loving, taking home $12,079 for the win, the championship trophy, and a professionally framed winner’s portrait. Congratulations!

James Sutherland
2nd place – James Sutherland