Event 11: Ziya Rahim Scoops

$400 Omaha 8/Stud 8 (Freeze-Out)
Structure | Payouts
Level 24: 30,000/60,000 Limits
Players Remaining: 2 of 93

Ziya Rahim

Stud 8

Ziya Rahim: XxXx / Ah
Gabe Ramos: XxXx / Ac

Ramos was the bring-in and called Rahim’s completion.

Ziya Rahim: XxXx / Ah2dJc4c / Xx
Gabe Ramos: XxXx / Ac8h6hKc / Xx

Ramos check-called a bet from Rahim on fourth street, while Rahim check-called a bet from Ramos on fifth street.

Ramos bet on sixth street, Rahim raised and Ramos called. Ramos then check-called a bet from Rahim on seventh street.

Rahim showed 7d6sJd for a pair of jacks with a 7-6 low, Ramos mucked and Rahim scooped the pot.

Ziya Rahim – 986,000 (16 big bets)
Gabe Ramos – 130,000 (2 big bets)