Event 12: 2nd place, Michael Rosenberg – $2,948

$200 + $40 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better

Blinds: 2.5K/5K

Don Todd went into heads up play with approximately a 2:1 chip lead on Michael Rosenberg. The two saw a Ks8d7d flop and Todd bet out 10K. Rosenberg potted it to 40K and Todd quickly repotted to 130K.  Rosenberg, with about 20K behind, made the call. Todd quickly called. The hands:

Rosenberg KhTc8s7h for top two pair.

Todd Kd8h6s4d for top two pair as well but he also had a low draw and a flush draw.

The turn would be the 3d giving Todd a low and a flush.

The river was the 2h and Rosenberg was out in 2nd place.

Michael Rosenberg, 2nd place - $2,948
Michael Rosenberg, 2nd place – $2,948