Event 12: 6th place, Matt Ezrol – $804

$200 + $40 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better

Blinds: 1.5K/3K

In a cooler of a hand, Matt Ezrol and Arnold Cohen would get it all in on a Qs6h6d flop with Ezrol holding Ah6s4s2c and Cohen holding AdJd6c2d. The turn was the Kd and the river was the 8d giving Cohen runner runner nut flush. Ezrol had Cohen covered by just 3K and would get his chips in the very next hand. He would flop a full house on the T-T-4 flop but Don Todd had T-9 and would river a 9 to give him a bigger full house.

Seat 5 - Matt Ezrol

Matt Ezrol, 6th place – $804