Event 12: Break Time Again

$200 + $40 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better

Blinds: 200/400

Players are back from their second break of the day and we are already down to four tables with just 31 remaining. They will soon all be gathered in the back of the room with one of them in the running for the title.

The last elimination before the break happened when the 3-seat at Table 37 called all-in after the 9-seat bet the pot after the AdJc3d with AcAsKdKc up against AhJd4d2d. The all-in player was ahead with top set but up against a lot of draws for the win and/or chop.

The Js turn boated the 3-seat leaving the 9-seat looking for the low or a miracle scoop. The dealer slapped the 5d on the river and the table took a second before the shock ended.

“Oh (redacted)!”, the 2-seat yelled. The rest of the table realized the 9-seat hit a two-outter on the river for a Steel Wheel and scoop. It was unfortunate end in an unlucky hand.