Event 12: John Racener Eliminated in 5th Place

$2,200 Eight Game Mix
Level 13: Limits 1500/3000 

A chip lead to start the day went downhill for John Racener and this Razz round ended his day in Event 12.

The chips started getting pushed in with Racener showing 6d7c and chip leader Dan Weinman with 4d4s. After Racener paired his 7 and bet, Weinman put him all-in catching a 5d. The cards were turned up and both had huge Razz draws:

Racener: 2s3s6d7c7d
Weinman: As3s4d4s5d

Both needed one card to complete. Racener got a Jh and missed but Weinman did not catching the 2c for the nut low and sent Racener to the rail. Four players remain with only two cashing here in Event 12.

John Racener - Chip Leader

John Racener (Port Richey, FL)