Event 12: Quad 8s Crack Aces, Kings Coolered

$2,200 Six-Max NLH 
Blinds 500/1k/100 ante
13 Players Remaining, 114k avg (114 bb)

Two big coolers, put two players on ice.

Chad Eveslage 8c8s and Anwar Mohammad AcAs both flop sets and are all in with the board showing AhKd8d9h.

The river is Evelsage’s one-outer 8h to get the knockout with quad 8s. Olivieri loses 90k on the hand as Eveslage has more than 200k.

Moments later, at the next table, Jeff Trudeau and his pocket Aces hold against Ariel Rosello’s KK all in on a Jack-high flop.

Trudeau adds 85k as Rosello is out in 14th place, Mohammad finishes 15th.