Event 12: Trudeau Shows Teitelbaum the Bluff

$2,200 Six-Max NLH 
Blinds 2k/4k/500 ante
4 Players Remaining, 371K avg (93 bb)

Evan Teitelbaum opens to 11,000 in the small blind and Jeff Trudeau three-bets to 27,000 in the big blind. Teitelbaum four-bets to 48,000, Trudeau five-bets to 89,000, and Teitelbaum calls to see a Qs9d9h flop.

Teitelbaum checks to Trudeau whop bets 60,000. After a few moments, Teitelbaum folds. Trudeau turns over Kc4h as he collects the pot.

Jeff Trudeau – 518,000 (129 bb)
Evan Teitelbaum – 485,000 (121 bb)