Event 13: 10th place, Fausto Padron – $546

$260 + $40 No Limit Hold’em

Blinds: 1.2K/2.4K Ante 400

A short stacked Fausto Padron moved all in for his last 15K and was called by Andrea Sighinolfi and Peter Schiano. The flop came 8c6c6d and Andrea bet 13K and was called by Peter. The turn was the 6h and Andrea checked. Peter moved all in for just under 50K and Sighinolfi made the call. Andrea turned over 7d7s but was behind the Th8h of Peter. Fausto still had some life for the main pot with Ah9c but the 2c on the river gave Schiano both pots and more than a double up while eliminating Padron.

Seat 8- Fausto Padron
10th place – Fausto Padron, $546