Event 13: 4th place, Peter Striano – $2,650

$260 + $40 No Limit Hold’em

Blinds: 6k/12k/2k ante

It took nearly two hours to knocked out Twyman in 5th place but just one more hand to get the next one. Peter Striano raised from the cutoff and Gil Haim Nagar shoved from the small blind.]

Striano shrugged his shoulders and called with AcTs but was dominated by AdKc. Nagar improved even more with the Ks9d2h flop but Striano picked up a gut shot on the Js turn.

“Dont’ do it!” yelled Nagar.

Someone was listening and the harmless Jc hit the river to send Striano out in the 4th place for $2,650.

Peter Striano, 4th place
Peter Striano, 4th place