Event 13: 5th Place – Hyon Chun

$300 Omaha 8B (Re-Entry)

Level 20:  Limits 8k/16k

Hyon 'JJ' Chun - 5th place
Hyon ‘JJ’ Chun – 5th place

Marc Perlman scooped a pot from Jeff Trudeau, then Marc and Jeff split a pot that involved JJ Chun, leaving him short.

JJ then got in a pot with Lane Abraham.  On the river, the board showed 8d7s5s3cTd.  Lane bet and after some thought, JJ committed his last 11k, showing A975 for two pair and a 87-low.

Lane had AT32 for a better two pair and the nut low to scoop the pot.

Hyon ‘JJ’ Chun busted out on 5th place, earning $1,240.  JJ finished 4th in both the HORSE event and the Seniors event, so this is his third final table of this series!