Event 13: Andros Ioakimides Leading The Way

$570 No-Limit Hold’em
Level 11: 500/1,000 with a 100 ante
Players Remaining: 45 of 162

Andros Ioakimides raises from the hijack and the player on the button three-bets to 5,700. Action folds back to Ioakimides, who four-bets to 17,200.

The button thinks for a couple minutes and then calls. They are heads-up to a flop of Qs5d2s and Ioakimides bets 22,000. The button doesn’t take much time before tossing his hand into the muck.

Ioakimides flashes the As as he takes the pot and chips up as the level nears an end.

With one more level before dinner break, Ioakimides is the chip leader and the only player with a six-figure chip count. Like Robert Kuhn, he also is looking for his second final table in as many days. He finished sixth in yesterday’s $2,500 no-limit hold’em for $17,063.

Andros Ioakimides – 126,000