Event 13: I’ll show you, but just one time

$350 Buy-In Big Stack Six-Max No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 17: 2K/4K/ 500 ante

Morris Heider bets out 11K from the cutoff position. Dolphy Garricks (Miramar, FL) has the button, and makes the call directly to Heider’s left. The flop comes 9s6hJd and Heider checks. Garricks then fires out 13K. Heider mucks. Garricks then says “I’ll show you just this one time, but that’s it” as he turns over the Jh to prove he wasn’t bluffing. Garricks is sitting on about 250K (~63bbs). Nice and neighborly, that’s what poker is all about.

24 players remain in Event 13, paying top 18.