Event 13: Seniors Flying In

$250 Seniors No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 4: 100/200

It’s been a quick start to the Seniors event today with more than 125 entrants as they hit the noon-time hour. This tournament drew 164 players last year and we’re sure to cross that number before registration closes at 3:30pm.

We have yet to see last year’s champ John Cofhlin but there are a few familiar faces including Marsha Wolak, Ory Hen, “Miami John” Cernuto, Paul Balzano, and Scott Efron.

Marsha Wolak
Marsha Wolak
"Miami John Cernuto (left) and Paul Balzano (right)
“Miami John Cernuto (left) and Paul Balzano (right)
Scott Efron
Scott Efronevent