Event 14: David Prociak Wins $300 HORSE ($4,663), David May Eliminated in 2nd ($3,310)

$300 HORSE
Level 20: 12,000/24,000 Limits, 3,000 Ante, 4,000 bring-in
Players Remaining: 2 of 59

Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo

David Prociak
David Prociak

David May: Jd8d / 7cQs4hQh / Qc
David Prociak: 9d5d / KdQd7sJc / Tc

After a couple raises, David May and David Prociak got the last of May’s chips into the middle on third street. May was all in for about 40,000 with J-8-7 with two diamonds and was up against Prociak’s K-9-5 suited in diamonds.

They ran the boards out and neither player could make a pair until May paired his queens on sixth street. Prociak sweated his river first and tabled the Tc, which gave him a straight and left May drawing dead.

May tabled the Qc and rivered trip queens. Prociak won the pot with a straight and won his second Hard Rock trophy in as many series. He’ll take home $4,663 along with the hardware. May took home $3,310 for his runner-up finish.

David May
David May

David Prociak – $300 HORSE Champion
David May – Eliminated