Event 14: Fernandez Doubles Again And Then Gives Some Back

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Seniors

Blinds: 1.2K/2.4K/400 ante

After losing a good chunk of his stack, Julio Fernandez was able to double through Robert Winsler yet again with Kd7d when he flopped a King. This doubled him up to about 25K. About ten minutes later, after having moved all in four out of six hands and receiving no calls, Fernandez moved all in over the top of chip leader Elliott Zaydman’s opener. Elliott made the call with KhTs and would need a lot of help to bust Julio as Fernandez held AhKd. The board ran out AcQh3d8s8c and Zaydman had to hand over 40.6K to Julio.

A few moments later, Julio would double up Robert Winsler when Robert moved all in from the small blind for 26K and Fernandez called from the big blind.  Winsler had Ah[9] and Fernandez Ad2c. Fernandez would pick up a gutshot on the turn but the river was a blank and Winsler’s 9 played to give him the double up. Julio and Robert are about dead even for 3rd in chips after that hand.