Event 14: Grumpy Old Man

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Seniors

Blinds: 800/1.6K/200 ante

The player who had doubled up on the earlier hand moved all in on a K-Q-Q two diamond flop and was called by the same opponent who had doubled him up earlier in Seat 4. Seat 4 still had him covered and turned over A-J. His opponent had J-3 of diamonds for a flush draw. The river was a blank and Seat 4 looked like he was going to eliminate our player in Seat 2 that was all in. The river was not a diamond… but it was a 3… prompting Seat 4 to jump up out of his chair, let out a string of expletives and slam his fists against the wall. “Jesus Christ bro,” he said sitting back down… clearly agitated. He’s still mumbling about it five minutes later even after getting lucky with K-8 against A-K (against Seat 2) to double up to 20K.