Event 14: Pao Lee – 5th Place ($9,975)

$600 Deep Stack Pot-Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
$200,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 23:  15,000/25,000 with a 25,000 ante
Players Remaining:  4 of 405

Pao Lee
Pao Lee

Alexander Hoff raised to 60,000 from the cutoff, Pao Lee called on the button, John Holley called from the small blind, and Joel Harwood called in the big blind.

The flop was AhKh7h, Holley bet 225,000, Harwood folded, Hoff folded, and Lee raised all in for 315,000.

Lee, however, exposed his hand and showed Jc8h7d7c for a set of sevens.

“Well, I was bluffing,” said Holley. “Need runner-runner or a queen.”

Holley called with AsQhQd8s for queens and backdoor outs.

The turn was the Qc, giving Holley a set of queens to take the lead.

The river was the 3s, no help to Lee, ending his tournament in fifth place.

John Holley  –  3,000,000  (120 bb)
Pao Lee  –  Eliminated in 5th Place  ($9,975)