Event 14: Young Gun

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Seniors

Blinds: 100/200

Nick Visconti had an interesting question not usually asked during a poker tournament.

“Am I the youngest player today?” he stopped by ask. Visconti probably has that distinction as he just turned 50 last month to slide into qualification. He’s also showing some of the aggression those young grinders like to use.

Visconti called an early position raise with 4d2h from the big blind before the Kd4c2d flop. His opponent shoved all in and the small blind folded his hand before Visconti called. The 5-seat was at risk with top pair Kc8c against bottom two.

“You killed my action,” said the small blind players, “I had a flush draw.”

That player’s attitude changed from regret to elation as Viconti’s hand improved further with the 4h on the turn for the full house and another knockout.

“Thanks for killing my action,” the seat joked as another one left Table 41.

The board is showing 40 players registered as the players head off on their first break of the day. Late registration for the tournament is open through the break and the next 40-minute level.

"Young gun" Nick Visconti
“Young gun” Nick Visconti