Event 15 – 7th place, Jorge Gomez – $835

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold’em

Blinds: 3K/6K Antes 1K

It’s not often two overwhelming chip leaders will tangle at this stage of the tournament but that’s precisely what just happened. With no one within 100K of them, Nicholas Mahabee and Jorge Gomez were dominant chip stacks with 7 players remaining. On a board of Kh6s3s3c and with almost 300K already in the middle, Nicholas led out for 80K. Gomez quickly moved all in having Mahabee covered by exactly 2K. Nicholas tanked. And tanked some more. “Guess I have to,” he finally said. “I call”

Gomez had AcKd. “I need a spade or a ten,” said Mahabee turning over KsTs. The river… the 9s and a shocked Gomez could only stare at the felt, then the ceiling, in disbelief while a jubilant Mahabee high fived the two friends he had watching on the rail.

Gomez would be out moments later, a very disappointing 7th place. Mahabee has about three-fourths of the chips in play.

Seat 2- Jorge Gomez
7th place, Jorge Gomez – $835