Event 15: 9th place, Michael Cairo – $440

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold’em

Blinds: 2.5K/5K Antes 500

Joey Prosper opened the action to 12K in early position and was called by Michael Cairo one seat to his left. It was folded to Nicholas Mahabee on the button who made it 50K to go. Prosper got out of the way but Cairo announced he was all in (for less than the 50K raise). The cards were turned over, AdKs for Cairo and pocket 3’s for Nicholas. The first card out of the window was an Ace to give Cairo a brief moment of elation but the next card was a 3 to give Mahabee a set. Cairo did pick up a straight draw on the turn but the river paired the board to knock Michael out in 9th place. Mahabee is neck and neck with Jorge Gomez for the chip lead.

Seat 1 - Michael Cairo
9th place, Michael Cairo – $440