Event 15: A Home Game Feel

$1,650 Eight-Handed No Limit Hold ‘Em (Single Re-Entry)
Level 8: 250/500 50 Ante

Table 65 is quite the sight to see right now.  Having Zo Karim (#brownmagic) is always interesting.  Then add in some hilarious table banter, four big stacks, two guys eating chicken finger dinners, one player having a water and a soda sharing space and a dancing player getting a message.  This table has a definite home game flair to it to say the least.

Then to top it off, Alexander Haber called the all-in of the player he’d just doubled up through holding Ad9d against AhKs.  The board ran out with Haber hitting a straight and a diamond flush.  Haber called out the straight before it was pointed out he actually hit the nut flush.  Haber said “I’ll just take the straight.”

Have fun, Table 65.  It’s going to be an interesting night….