Event 15: Bill “Bumpereno” Munley Bubbles in 9th Place

$300 H.O.R.S.E. (Re-Entry)
Level 15: 4,000/8,000 Limits
Prize Pool: $14,790
Players Remaining: 8/58


Ben Yogel: [X][X]/2xAx
Aaron Hemphill: [X][X]/6x6x
Bill Munley: [X][X]/6xJx
David Shmuel: [X][X]/6x5x

Ben Yogel completes with a 2x showing, Aaron Hemphill calls, Bill Munley calls all in for his remaining 2,500, and David Shmuel calls.

On fourth street, Yogel and Hemphill checked to Shumuel who bet, forcing folds from Yogel and Hemphill.

Bill Munley: Ax7x/6xJx
David Shmuel: 2x3x/6x5x

Munley was behind, and found little help from his Qx9x10x runout, giving him a 10-9-7-6-A.

Shmuel’s runout was Jx10x3x, giving him a slightly better 10 with a 10x6x5x3x2x to win the pot and eliminate Munley on the money bubble.

David Shmuel – 140,000 (17 bb)

1st: $4,584
2nd: $3,254
3rd: $2,071
4th: $1,479
5th: $1,183
6th: $887
7th: $740
8th: $592