Event 15: Reddick Takes The Lead

$1,650 Eight-Handed No Limit Hold ‘Em (Single Re-Entry)
Level 17: 2000/4000/500 Ante

Joe Reddick, Konstantinos Pantaridis and Steele Sutter played one of the biggest pots of the night as we stand four-handed in Event 15.

The action blew up on the turn with a 2h5dQd7h board.  Pantaridis checked the turn and Sutter fired 110k into an already sizable pot.  Reddick made the call and Pantaridis got out of the way.

With the Qh river, Sutter check and Reddick pushed his remaining stack into the middle.  Sutter shook his head and folded his hand.  Reddick showed 3h4h for the flush and raked in a pot that has now put him out in front of this Eight-Handed No Limit Hold ‘Em event.