Event 16: Slowing Down

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max Deep Stack Turbo

Blinds: 2k/4k/500 ante

Play has somewhat slowed down, slow in relation to the current action but their are only nine players left and came close to reducing that by one.

Elliott Zaydman was casually eating his salad as he moved all-in and was called by the 3-seat. While most all-in moves so far have been with less than premium hands, Zaydman found himself with AdAc up against his opponent’s 8d7d. The 3-seat was getting ready to the leave the table when the flop came Kd7s4h to have a chance and the 7c turn put him back in his seat to stay alive.

“Get two big hands this tournament,” Zadman comments, “Aces and Kings, both lose.”