Event 17: Boatman loves the river

$5,300 Buy-In Championship No Limit Hold’em $10 Million Guaranteed (Re-Entry)
Day 1B Level 8: 250/500/ 75 ante

On a flop showing 8sQc2s, action is checked to the player in seat 3. He bets out 1700 from the cutoff position. Arthur Boatman is in the big blind, and makes the call. 2d falls on the turn and Boatman check-calls the cutoff’s bet of 3K. The river is the Ks, and brings a 3rd spade on the board to complete a possible flush draw. Boatman then fires out 6K. The player in the cutoff tanks for a while before deciding to muck his cards.

Earlier this week, Boatman final tabled the SHRPO Event 13 $350 Buy-In Big Stack Six-Max NLH in 8th place. He’s sitting on around 55K.