Event 17: David Shmuel Pulls Ahead

$600 H.O.R.S.E. (Single Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 23:  25,000/50,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  2 of 84

The heads-up match between Zack Milchman and David Shmuel began with Milchman increasing his lead, building it up to about 4:1 before David Shmuel went on a heater to take the lead.


Zack Milchman:  (X-X)  /  Qx7xKxJx  –  fold
David Shmuel:  (X-X)  /  10xKx4xAx

Zack Milchman was the bring-in, David Shmuel completed to 25,000 and Milchman called.

Milchman checked the on-board lead on fourth street, Shmuel bet 25,000, Milchman check-raised to 50,000, and Shmuel called.

Shmuel took the on-board lead on fifth and bet 50,000, Milchman called, Shmuel bet 50,000 on sixth street, and Milchman folded.


Zack Milchman:  (X-X)  /  QdKd8h3c  –  fold
David Shmuel:  (X-X)  /  2d7d4sJc

Shmuel was the bring-in, Milchman completed to 25,000, and Shmuel called.

Milchman bet with the on-board lead on fourth for 25,000, Shmuel called, Milchman bet again on fifth for 50,000, and Shmuel called again. On sixth street Milchman checked, Shmuel bet 50,000, and Milchman folded.

David Shmuel  –  1,160,000  (23 BB)
Zack Milchman  –  100,000  (2 BB)