Event 17: Final Table

$350 Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Level 15: 1,500/3,000

After Devon Shalmi knocked out the short stacked Vinny Trinh in 12th and Yuval Bronshtein lost to Chris Karambinis’ rivered pair of aces, we’ve now reached our final table. Here are the new seats for our final ten players:

Final Table
Seat 1: Lonnie Heimowitz
Seat 2: Devon Shalmi
Seat 3: Nick Palma
Seat 4: Zachary Barnett
Seat 5: Joshua Beckley
Seat 6: Dan Heimiller
Seat 7: Gary Bolden
Seat 8: Jason Sugarman
Seat 9: John Cernuto
Seat 10: Chris Karambinis

Yuval Bronshtein - 11th Place ($785)
Yuval Bronshtein – 11th Place ($785)
Vinny Trinh - 12th Place ($785)
Vinny Trinh – 12th Place ($785)