Event 17: Shankar Pillai Doubles Through Jennifer Tilly

$2,200 Deep Stack Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Level 5: 400/800
Entrants: 74

Shankar Pillai

Shankar Pillai opened to 1,600 from early position, Jennifer Tilly called from the button, as did the big blind.

The flop came Jd8c5s and it checked to Tilly who bet 3,500. The big blind folded and Pillai shoved for 13,100.

Tilly called with QhQs8h7h and needed to hold against Pillai’s AcJh10d9d.

The turn brought the Qs giving Pillai a straight but Tilly had outs. The river 2h came clean for Pillai as his straight held to score a double up.

Shankar Pillai – 26,400
Jennifer Tilly – 17,000