Event 17: Zach Smiley eliminated in 11th place ($29,453)

$10,000 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$500,000 guaranteed | Payouts
Level 18: 3,000/6,000/1,000
Players Remaining: 10 of 118

Zach Smiley

Zach Smiley went all in for 40,000 from the button with AcJh and David Stamm called from the small blind with 4c4d.

The board came 5d5s4dQsKs and Stramm flopped a full house to eliminated Smiley in 11th place.

David Stamm  –  330,000  (55 bb)
Zach Smiley  –  Eliminated in 11th place ($29,453)