Event 18: Adam Friedman Bubbles in 3rd

$1,650 Six-Max Dealer’s Choice (Freeze-Out)
Level 16:  800/1,600/200 ante
Game:  Big O

A big three-way hand developed near the end of Level 16 when the game was Big O (5-Card Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo). All three players built up a pot of 41,600, taking it to the river on a board of KdQd3c8c6c.

Robert Mizrachi pot-bet 41,600 from the small blind, and Bradley Ruben thought for a bit before folding the big blind. Then it was on Adam Friedman on the button, and he thought for a little while before he called.

Adam Friedman:  Ad9c5d4c6s

Friedman had a nine-high club flush for the high, and an 8-6-4 for the low. But then Mizrachi said, “Nut, nut,” as he turned over his hand.

Robert Mizrachi:  Ac10c7d5h2d

Mizrachi had an ace-high flush for the nut high, and an 8-6-3 for the nut low to scoop the entire pot and eliminate Friedman on the Money Bubble in third place. (After the hand, Ruben claimed that he folded a set of queens.)

Adam Friedman  –  Eliminated in 3rd Place

Adam Friedman
3rd-Place Finisher Adam Friedman


A few minutes later, Level 16 came to an end, and the final two players took a 15-minute break. Here are their official chip counts heading into Level 17, with their big blinds (bb) and big bets (BB):

Robert Mizrachi  –  157,900  (79 bb / 20 BB)
Bradley Ruben  –  87,200  (44 bb / 11 BB)