Event 18: Get Out Your Nickels And Dimes

$1,650 Six-Max Dealer’s Choice (Freeze-Out)
Level 8: 250/500 Limits
5-Card Draw High

Jon Brody decided it was time to take everyone back in time to the game we were all taught by our grandparents and played as kids with our spare change: 5-Card Draw High.  To see it in a tournament is rare but we got a chance to watch Brody’s table take a whirl at it for a rotation.

And Brody got a taste of why it sometimes drove us all nuts.  In a hand with Marc Sacheli where both players drew one card, Brody had to fold to a bet from Sacheli and showed AcKcTc8c – and the wrong black queen as he hit the Qs instead of Qc for the flush. Unfortunately, all black cards don’t count and Sacheli raked in the pot.

Hopefully for the memories, we’ll see a little more 5-Card Draw High getting called tonight.

Five Card Draw Sign

Jon Brody
Jon Brody