Event 19: Phil Hui Wins the $600 H.O.R.S.E. Title ($14,460); Lazaro Rodriguez Finishes as Runner-Up ($8,805)

$600 H.O.R.S.E. (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 25:  40,000/80,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  2 of 86

Event 19 Champion Phil Hui
Event 19 Champion Phil Hui

Phil Hui and Lazaro Rodriguez continued to battle, going back-and-forth a while, but with neither player catching much momentum.

Then Hui opened up a more than 2-to-1 chip lead during Stud Hi-Lo.

Phil Hui:  (XxXx)  3cQc9s3s  (Xx)
Lazaro Rodriguez:  (XxXx)  4cJd7d10d  (Xx)

3rd Street:  Both players put in 10,000 each.

4th Street:  Both players checked.

5th Street:  Hui checked, Rodriguez bet 80,000, and Hui check-raised to 160,000. Rodriguez called.

6th Street:  Hui bet 80,000, and Rodriguez tanked for a while before he called.

7th Street:  Hui bet 80,000, and Rodriguez tanked for a long time before he called, leaving himself just 9,000 behind.

Phil Hui:  (QsJs2s)  3cQc9s3s

Hui turned over three spades in the hole for a queen-high flush with no qualifying low. Rodriguez mucked, and Hui won the pot.

Phil Hui  –  1,277,000  (16 BB)
Lazaro Rodriguez  –  9,000  (0.1 BB)

Rodriguez was all in for the ante on the next hand, and won the pot to double up to 19,000. (Even though Rodriguez couldn’t complete the ante, Hui had to put in the full 10K.)

The next hand after that, Rodriguez was all in on 3rd street for what would be the final hand.

Phil Hui:  (AcQc)  JsKd7h4s  (10s)
Lazaro Rodriguez:  (Jh8d)  10d9c9dJc  (6s)

Both players had straight draws on 4th street, and Rodriguez picked up a pair on 5th street and two pair on 6th street.

But Hui rivered a ten to win the pot for an ace-high straight, and Rodriguez finished with two pair, jacks and nines. Hui won the pot, the title, and the trophy.

Congratulations to Phil Hui!

1st:  Phil Hui  –  $14,460 + SHRPO trophy
2nd:  Lazaro Rodriguez  –  $8,805
3rd:  Christina Hill  –  $5,475
4th:  Aaron Kupin  –  $3,700
5th:  Harrison Luba  –  $2,825
6th:  Scott Baumstein  –  $2,255
7th:  Michael Dreese  –  $1,875

Lazaro Rodriguez
Runner-Up Lazaro Rodriguez