Event 2: 5th Place – Sheila Stimson ($756)

$250 Buy-In Ladies Big Stack No-Limit Hold’em
Blinds 8k/16k/2k

Sheila Stimson (Wilmington, NC) $756
Sheila Stimson (Wilmington, NC)

Sheila Stimson moves all in for her last 42k with KQ and is against the 7-5 of Tonia Sledd.  Sledd flops a 7 to get the knockout.

Stimson was the chip leader with close to half the chips in play, but after shipping three double-ups she was back to an average stack, eventually finishing in 5th place.

Taking advantage of a weekend off, Stimson made the trip to Hollywood for this event, but says she’s usually a cash game player.

Stimson earns a $756 payday.