Event 2: Chris Moneymaker Wins ($9,136), Perry Klein Eliminated in 2nd ($5,472)

$360 Omaha Hi-Lo
Structure | Payouts
Level 20: 20,000/40,000 Limits
Players Remaining: 1 of 96

Chris Moneymaker

On a flop of 6h5c2h, Perry Klein got the last of his chips into the middle out of the big blind against Chris Moneymaker on the button.

Klein showed Qs9c6d2c, good for top and bottom pair, and was up against Moneymaker’s Th7s7c6c.

“I need a low one or a ten,” said Moneymaker.

The turn was the 8h, giving Moneymaker a qualifying low, and leaving Klein drawing dead for half of the pot. The river was the Tc and Moneymaker made a bigger two pair to scoop the whole pot and eliminate Klein in second.

Perry Klein

Chris Moneymaker – $360 Omaha Hi-Lo Champion
Perry Klein – Eliminate d